stearn's cod liver oil & halibut liver oil
silver pine healing oil
ramon's tabs aspirin and caffeine
rexall aspirin
st. mary's pure aspirin
romind boxes
layman's aspirin
ortal sodium salesman kit
scurets antiseptic throat lozenges
powers & weightman quinine sulphate
iletin insulin, lilly
humphrey's homeopathic no. 55
dref's reduction pills
dr. sauer's cascara bromide quinine compound
vernal saw palmetto berry wine
nubian tea for the liver
dr. kilmer's swamp root
antikamnia tablets
ch-ches-ters diamond brand pills
reed's aspirin tablets
twenty grand aspirin tablets
anacin  aspirin tins
national salacylic acid, u.s.p.
blosser's medical powder
geo. h. gould & son pure aspirin
tums container
gold medal b&j pills
vaporole aromatic ammonia
parke-davis antacid tablets
proctor's pinelyptus pastilles
first aid packet, wwII
quick relief liqwid center cough drops
isodettes antibiotic throat lozenges
jayne's alternative
nuxated iron
alophen pills
tween-toes for soft corns
acetidine tablets
thedford's black-draught
dr. j. h. mclean's volcanic oil liniment
dr. thacker's children's cough syrup
glessco for adults
omega oil
otis clapp & son supplementary compound
upjohn iodized lime
bliss native herbs
anusol hemorrhoidal suppositories
baby powder, spirits of camphor and clove oil
foley's compound
regoes spirit of ammonia
dr. scholl's zino-pads
zerbst's capsules
foler's cold and gripe tablets
aspirin tablets
dr. r. schiffmann's asthmador cigarettes
B&B belladonna and capsicum plaster
benjamin brandreth's pills
worm lozenges, 1801
eli lilly & company phosphorus pills
dewitt's carbolized witch hazel salve
kennedy's laxative cough syrup
flui extract no. 407, sabal (saw palmetto berries)
fluid extract no. 394 sanguinaria blood root
zinc chloride granulated
powdered ox gall
pilocarpine hydrobromide
hyoscyamus colloidum
euphorbia flui extract
fluid extract no. 217 gentian compound
fluid extract catus candiflorous
fluid extract eucalyptus
fluid extract rhatany usp
colloidum fragrant sumach
fluid extract no. 23 angelica root nf
oil croton
fluid extract tar
sulphate quinine
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