tincture lobel aeth, liquid hyd perch & acetic acid
misc. czech apothecary bottles
misc. czech apothecary bottles
celery root compoun
pulverized valerian
argenti. prot. fort. & tincture of iodine
hyd. C---ub
methyl salicylate liniment
tincture of valerian
diluted hydrochloric acid
misc. pharmacy bottles
aqua. nethi apothecary bottle
solution of homotropine hydrobromide & diluted acetic nitrous hydrate
April 085.JPG
wyeth's cascara sagrada
ferrous citrate
sodium tartrate
hydrogen peroxide
tincture of iodine, poison
syrup of ferric iodide
holland & listerine
lith. cit.
opium bottle
piso's cure for consumption
c. hartshorn & son established 1850 boston mass.
mary's swedish asthma cure buffalo, ny
bell-ans & hick's capudine for headache
April 055.JPG
balsam of honey
multisided blue bottle
thompson's phosphate company, chicago
larkin's sopa co. buffalo
areca nut, bloodroot & biddles
amber poison
john wyeth & bro
ipecacuanha wine
bromo-lithia chemical co. philadephia usa & cream jar
crude flared-lip pontil bottle
clinton cascara active bristol myers co n.j.
florida water and anodyne liniment
bromo seltzer emerson drug co
mrs. winslow's soothing syrup
large blue medicine bottle
small, narrow blue bottle
not to be taken
--- perman.
etched civil-war ear apothecary jar
-ol. succ.
elix. auran. --
elixir adjuvans, rosemary & ferr. quin.
trip. brom. sol. & ol. eriger.
hydr. bisul. & creasotum
czech medicine bottles
dr. w. b. caldwell's monticello illinois
April 086.JPG
dr. j. hostetter's stomach bitters
czech medicine bottles
louis sautter, apothecary & chemist
the name st. josephs assures purity
miscellaneous clear bottles
hick's capudine for headaches and other misc.
frederick stearns & co.
miscellaneous bottles
miscellanous clear bottles
miscellaneous clear bottles
clear bottles with metal caps
clear tincture bottle with applicator
miscellaneous colored bottles
lydia pinkham's vegetable compound
miscellaneous clear bottles
miscellaneous bottles
miscellaneous bottles
dr. miles medical company
miscellaneous bottles
miscellaneous bottles
ext. glycyrr. l.
apothecary bottle
apothecary bottle
apothecary display jar
godfrey's cordial
lin. saponis
tr. lavan. co.
neutralyzing cordial
liq. pot. arsenite
p. buchu fol.
fldext. leptandrae
p. ext. glyc.
morse's drug store ammonium chloride
tr. lobelia
ol. -rigani
fer. sulph.
tr. canthar.
linimentum chloroformi, poison
alexandria senna
p. spigeliae
tr. physost.
ol: amyg: dulc:
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